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I wanna follow my fellow redqueen shipper. So if you ship the pairing Ruby x Regina from Once Upon A Time, let me know.



kreacherofhabit replied to your post“All the numbers that end in a 3 or a 5”
do do do do do do do *knock knock kn-kn-knock knock* Do you wanna build a boyfriennnnnd? It doesn’t have to be a boy friennnnd.
Yeah Hayley let’s go build a boyfriennnnnd
Then maybe we’ll build you a girlfriennnnnnd
…Do either of us know anything about building things? Last I checked I think that requires math. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation though. That’s, like, step one, right?

If I can build a spinning, stage-sized house, and a set, how hard can some people be?

We can just use 2x4s and nails, right?

If someone asked me to watch Xena with them, I would probably marry them on the spot.



galentine’s gift exchange pinch hit for brbshittoavenge! happy galentine’s darling!

These are scientific facts. Tony ran the numbers.
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